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Erik Lorentzen author of the book Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas and the Elvis Files collection (7 editions) now presents The Elvis Files Volume 4, focussing on the five years 1965-1969. Erik has discovered way more material and new photographs than could be squeezed into a 600 page book. Therefore the timeframe of Volume Four of The Elvis Files was shifted to cover January 1965 to December 1968.

This volume will have over 500 pages and with more than 1000 of the finest photos and archival material.

Presley Reveals Expertise As Rib|Tickling Actor In Stay Away, Joe

From The Hawkins County Post, April 18, 1968.

Presley Reveals Expertise As Rib-Tickling Actor In Stay Away, Joe

Although each of Elvis Presley's motion pictures has been a smashing box-office success, for his latest, Stay Away, Joe, MGM set a complete change of pace. Constructed by producer Douglas Laurence and di-rector Peter Tewksbury, Stay Away, Joe depicts the brawling life of a young, half-Navajo cowboy who makes a mess of every good deed he attempts. Based on Dan Cushman's best-selling novel, it is a rugged, fist-swinging comedy set in today's western USA. And in it Presley draws his finest supporting cast.

Joan Blondell portrays the local tavern owner whose interest in Elvis is diminished only by her determi-nation to protect her blossoming daughter from the wild cowhand. Saucer-eyed Miss Blondell, who has starred opposite more famous leading men than any other actress on the current scene, shares the Stay Away, Joe spotlight with Katy Jurado. The latter, who gained prominence in such memorable pictures as High Noon and One Eyed Jacks, plays the first comedy role of her 101-picture career. She is cast as Presley's invective-spitting stepmother, who craves such status symbols as indoor plumbing.

Two distinguished male stars join Presley and the two ladies on the Panavision-Metrocolor screen. Actor-director Burgess Meredith, newly-discovered by the young generation as „Penguin' on the Batman TV series, is Presley's Navajo father. Thomas Gomez returns to motion pictures after five years on the legitimate stage to play Elvis' grandfather, who hasn't relinquished the idea of scalping the White Man.

For her role as Elvis Presley's Navajo Indian step-mother, Katy Jurado did what few leading ladies would dream of doing. She ate constantly in an effort to add a pound a day to her frame. Twenty-two days and twenty-two pounds later, she arrived in Sedona, Arizona to begin her role. Why the added poundage?

Miss Jurado gave her explanation: “Reservation In-dians are warm, wonderful people. But they do not look like Zsa Zsa Gabor'. Indeed, so eager was the two-time Oscar-nominated, Mexican-born actress to appear with Elvis Presley that she neglected to inform either producer Douglas Laurence or director Peter Tewksbury that she had broken some bones in her foot in an accident a few days before filming was to begin.

Instead, she prematurely removed the cast surround-ing the foot and explained the limp as being part of her characterization as Presley's spitfire Navajo In-dian stepmother. And Miss Jurado got away with it!

Stay Away, Joe

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