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A photo preview of Preview : The Elvis Files Volume 4 : Hardcover Book.

Erik Lorentzen author of the book Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas and the Elvis Files collection (7 editions) now presents The Elvis Files Volume 4, focussing on the five years 1965-1969. Erik has discovered way more material and new photographs than could be squeezed into a 600 page book. Therefore the timeframe of Volume Four of The Elvis Files was shifted to cover January 1965 to December 1968.

This volume will have over 500 pages and with more than 1000 of the finest photos and archival material.

If this first photo doesn't knock you out and have you heading straight to our shop then - well keep going as there are six more pages - and 44 photos - just follow the links - but is this a great photo or what?

Elvis : '68 Comeback Special : Preview : The Elvis Files Volume 4 : Hardcover Book.

Elvis Presley | One Man, All Music

'I'm doing a television special now because we figure the time is right and today's music is right', said Elvis Presley. Presley stars in his first television special in eight years, at 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

'Also, I thought I ought to do this special before I got too old', Elvis said, grinning and implying that work on a television show might require a some-what faster pace than working on a motion picture.

Admitting that he had worked hard on the special (a full month of strenuous rehearsals plus four twelve-to-sixteen-hour days of taping), Elvis continued: 'Television is a different world from movies. It does something to you - it demands more of you'. One difference was that Elvis performed before a live audience for the first time since he decided to forego concert and supper club appearances in favor of a full-time motion picture and recording career. 'I want you to know that I was scared to death, sir, when I did my first number for that studio audi-ence', Elvis reported. 'Let me tell you my knees were shaking, and it.

wasn't just for keeping time with the music. It's just been so long since I worked before a live audience', said Presley, who made his last live appearance twelve [sic] years ago at the Hawaiian premiere for his Blue Hawaii film. His last appearance on televi-sion as a guest star was on a Frank Sinatra special in 1960.

'But then it all came back to me and it was just like when I was doing one-night stands in the old days', he continued. Obviously relaxed during the interview, Elvis pulled thoughtfully on a slender German cigar. When did he start smoking? 'Just since I've been working on the special', he laughed, then added: 'Actually, this is just a prop. I don't inhale'. Is he planning another television special soon after the December 3 program?

'I don't think I'll do another one right away', he answered emphatically. 'Son, I lost ten pounds doing this show. It's been too long since I've done anything except make movies (twenty [sic] to date) and cut records (earning some fifty gold records, each indicating sales of one million)'.

'Now I want to make some personal appearance tours', Presley continued. 'I'll probably start out there in this country and then play some concerts abroad. I want to see some places I haven't seen before and I want to get back where the audience is ... I miss the personal contact with audiences'.

In addition, Presley plans some changes in his movies. 'We're looking for better scripts: trying to do more mature movies. I want to do some straight dramatic stories as well as musicals and comedies'.

Along this line, Presley recently completed his latest motion picture, a Western entitled Charro!, and he doesn't sing a song in it. 'I play a gunfighter, and I just couldn't see a singing gunfighter', Elvis explained.

'I'm getting more and more interested in acting. I'd like to become a contemporary actor, not just a singer'.

Why, after fifteen years of success, is Elvis opting for a change?

'My audience is changing ... They don't move as fast as they used to', he laughed, pointing out that his fans of a decade ago are now young married cou-ples, many with families of their own. 'And I think young people generally are a lot smarter and more open-minded than they were ten years ago. They expect more of you'.

The television special, too, is an indication of a new Elvis. In addition to singing several of his best-known songs (such as Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes), Elvis essays several modern numbers which he may not have touched with a ten-foot slab of Ten-nessee cornpone ten years ago. 'Musicians and engineers have improved the sound of music over the years', Elvis volunteered. 'That means I have to improve, too'.

Elvis : '68 Comeback Special : Preview : The Elvis Files Volume 4 : Hardcover Book.

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