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Elvis Presley Video Barry Gordon's comedy routine on the June 5, 1956 Milton Berle Show

Barry Gordon was seven years old when he entered the ranks of the record industry, singing the novelty hit 'I'm Gettin' Nuthin for Christmas' (1955). Gordon followed this triumph with 'Rock N Roll Mother Goose', which was no chart-buster but did land him a spot in the 1956 Frank Tashlin-directed feature 'The Girl Can't Help It', though his song was cut from the final release version, he can be seen as a wise-beyond-his-years paper boy, ogling Jayne Mansfield as she swivels by. By the late 1950s, Gordon was best known for his guest appearances on The Jack Benny Program, expertly impersonating that series' venerable star. Gordon has carved himself a niche as one of the busiest and most versatile voiceover artists in the TV animation industry, Barry Gordon is a past president of the Screen Actors Guild.

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