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Sheikh Elvis Presley : Goethestrasse 14, Bad Nauheim, Germany

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On October 11, 1958 the Presley clan had to move from Hilberts Parkhotel to the neighbourly Grunewald Hotel because King Ibn Saud and his entourage, including 30 harum girls and his guards (with sabres) checked in to all rooms of an entire floor at the 'Hilberts'. At the beginning of February 1959 Elvis moved to 14 Goethestrasse with his dad, his grandmother, 2 bodyguards and his secretary. The 13th son of King Ibn Saud visited Elvis and gave him a royal Arabic caftan and a tea service with the royal coat of arms as a present.

Below we can see Elvis imitating the King.

Sheikh Elvis Presley.
Sheikh Elvis Presley : This photo can be found in the book, A Date With Elvis : Army Years Revisited.

Sheikh Elvis Presley.

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Also in the book are photos of the gifts, the royal Arabic caftan and a tea service.

Elvis Presley Photos Elvis Presley : Ritters Park Hotel, Bad Homburg, Germany : First weekend of October 1958

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